Salford Cranes by Reny Mihaylova

This morning I woke up with a very disappointing realization. I am 19 years and 2 months old, at the starting point of my adult life. Childhood, its sweetness and comfort, its simplicity and honesty, is over.
Time rushes by: the years, the days, the minutes, the seconds all fly by. Tomorrow, I’ll wake up and my whole life would have passed by me.
Time is a gift. A most precious, luxurious one, which we can never regain.
Salford Cathedral by Reny Mihaylova
Sometimes it saddens me to see so many young people drunk on a certain illusory perception and purpose of life, letting go of what is important and loosing track of what is actually there.

“Minute Rushes” is about those few moments, during which life takes shape. It is to describe a very difficult chapter of my life: a period of transition, growth and maturing; my whole universe; my opinions, and most importantly the world that’s bubbling around me.

Fall in Salford 2012 by Reny Mihaylova
I am to act as a moving “mirror”, around the city of Salford, reflecting it in all of its light and trying to express my realization of the beauty that characterize the small joys of life, which take place here.
In a few months, Salford blossomed before my very eyes; turning from a place of darkness, into a safe-heaven.
Its inhabitants aren’t anymore unknown shadows, which pass by me, but lively, regular human beings, marked by kindness and hospitality.
I hope you enjoy my blog and learn to not just let life pass you by, but fall into it and live it to its maximum potential.

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