Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Ma {gical} nchester

I woke up this morning with the urge for an adventure. During my day off, 9 o' clock is  pretty early  to leave your comfortable 
student accommodation.

A half an hour walk later, I find myself on Cross street in "Pret a Manger". Drinking bitter coffee and munching on  a sandwich, I'm alone, staring at strangers, rushing down the street. I am listening to chatter and laughter. A bitter sweet feeling of remorse entwines me. I find myself dreaming for my past, unwilling to move forward.

But as it always happens, I decide to breakaway form my thoughts and try to enjoy the present moment. Shopping can always help clear my head off things. Staring at displays, bursts of colors , fabric, metal, leather, denim... I find myself surrounded by the roar of loud music and plastic mannequins, at the Arndale center.

What awakens me from my hypnoses is something vibrant, alive.Two words: "Johnnie cupcakes"!! They are the most wonderful thing I have ever seen (and probably the most delicious).

As I exit the shopping center, I notice the Triangle's new display. This is the last day of what came to be known as "The Big Egg Hunt ". Large Easter Eggs are sprinkled all around  town, for explorers of all ages. They have been bought off at an auction and when their "exhibition" finishes, they will go home to their lucky owners. Home...This is a project by Action for children. It is to collect funds in order to provide food for children in need during Easter.

Near the Triangle, the sun shines upon this cafe-pub.

Upwards form the Triangle, on Withy Grove I discover another Manchester gem. An antique bookshop... from which classic music and American talk reeks out. Inside I  find books and comics of all languages, ages and genres.

Behind the Arndale center is the Arndale Market - the place to be, if you are searching for fresh fish and food.

Across form it is the Church Street Market. Behind the label "buy a book, kill the kindle", you can find all sorts of literature at cheap prices.

Further down is a Chinese shop and manicure salon. The designs are so many, and so different, but what impresses me the most are the ones.. with feathers and rhinestones...

In the modern Manchester center there are buildings which seem out off place, it is as if they belong to a different century... The Shakespeare is one of them. Its facade creates a feeling of timelessness.

For a bit of balance, further up I find a castle-resembling office building.

Art is what has always united our human culture. The Manchester gallery is a perfect example of this. Right now it is featuring the works of Raqib Shaw, until the 25th of May.

Where the ancient and modern mix and meet. The Coliseum nightclub on Peter Street inside the Theater Royale building... A venue, which comes alive in the night time.

My final destination is home- to the University of Salford. As I walk back, I realize that there is something magical about a sunny day in Manchester. The places, the people, the food, the music , the books, the sounds of it all paint a diverse picture,which is probably already a everyday manner to its citizens. But if you have free time to take a look at the small details, I'm sure you will be enchanted.

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