Friday, 8 March 2013

Teen idol makes Manchester hearts skip a beat

Heart-throb Olly Murs visited the HMV store, on market Street to promote his new CD- "Right Place, Right Time".

It is exactly 8 o'clock, on a cold November Manchester morning. 
I find myself surrounded by a huge crowd of screaming, singing, dancing college girls (and boys), concerned parents and die hard fans. If luck be it, in a few teeny hours, they'd meet their star.   

I'm in line at the back entrance of the HMV store, located on Market street. 
My goal is to obtain a piece of paper... but not just any piece of paper. A green wrist-band, which would allow me to get a signed copy of an Olly Murs CD.

I see a few girls, already exiting with this most prized possession, wearing but their pajamas.
An hour later, I have, alas, also achieved my goal- leaving with a green band. A few of the lucky 400 chosen ones.

At 4:30 pm, I find myself at the same spot. This time there is no huge line up, just security.
I enter inside the store, holding on tightly to my wrist band, CD and Mirantz. I find myself in a stuffy overcrowded, basement, at the back of another line.
This time the fans are more ready than ever.
They know every single song on Olly's new CD. 
They are wearing his name on T-shirts, on their  faces.

As Olly enters to the set-up podium screams ripple through the crowd.
There is not, but a person who doesn't want to get a piece of him.
A mother pushing her child in a  buggy almost faints at the sight of him.

As I approach this singing sensation, I realize one thing.
From every single perspective, he  acts the star-part. 
He sings along, he dances, he gives out hugs and blows kisses to the loving crowd. 
The moment I reach him, I get a bit star struck: he has such a hypnotizing allure.
I get my CD signed, a photo, a hug, a kiss and I leave the building.. 
for a few moments I dance down Market Street, singing:"oh trouble trouble maker yeah that's your middle name."  

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